Beijing Part II, A Tale of Kung Fu in China

Beijing Story Part II

Before I reveal my next travel destination, I wanted to talk a bit more about my amazing experiences in Beijing. Especially those of the Kung Fu show! While acrobatics was great, Chinese martial arts were definitely second on my list of things I have to do in China. I had hear many great things about the Red Theatre Beijing venue, and just had to see it with my own eyes. In fact, you can watch parts of the show online, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, go and see it live because simply there is no substitute. It’s the way to dwell into the Chinese traditions that surprisingly few really know about.

Beijing Kung Fu Restaurant

Basically, China is a Kung Fu crazy country. As you can see from the picture above, there is even a restaurant chain that you can find in most parts of the city which is dedicated to Kung Fu. I never actually visited the restaurant, because the menu is only in Chinese. But it looked very funny and I thought to my self, do people eat here because they like martial arts. I don’t actually know how many people eat there all the time, but I do know that most Chinese people have seen the famous show at the Red Theatre.

Beijing Red Theatre

This is the Red Theatre itself. A beautiful, majestic, extremely RED building that glows in the dark. If you were ever to walk past such a building, it is nearly impossible to walk past without going to see what is happening. In fact, I’ve never seen such a cool theatre building in my life! It was simply impressive.

Beijing Kung Fu Master

The show itself, is just the most skilful Kung Fu performance there is in the world. What really amazed me, was the young actors who were already at the level of a pro. In the waiting room, there was a small child meditating and watching over the atmosphere. It was just like being in some kind of Chinese martial arts movie! :)

Much regards, Ellie Reade.

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