Traveling to Unknown Experience with AliExpress

AliExpress Men's Shoes

What can I say, except that it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy with the new Chinese e-commerce portal AliExpress. Which has become an extension of my travels, making me dive deep into the digital world for a while. That is in fact what being on vacation is all about, right?! To disappear into the unknown, learn something, transform and be a happier better person. As well as get some shopping done at the same time to get ready for the next big trip.

Well, to tell you the truth I have met many people on this path who probably don’t think in this way. Instead they prefer to think negative and carry that even through their whole vacations. That’s crazy isn’t it but there is a reason for it. Especially with couples, I can actually understand them. They are trying to solve some problems and simply escaping their home country or ‘problems’ isn’t going to mean that they will go away. In fact, for some people they come back even stronger than ever.. just begging for attention and to be resolved. Fighting in the end, resolves nothing.. one must stop escaping and start facing the world. With their sincere intent, their real face and being. It’s sometimes the most tough thing in the world to realise but it’s worth it.

And I can say from experience, because for me travelling hasn’t been just walking under a shower of red roses. It has had a lot of bumps and a lot of learning. All which made me what I am today. Which is not a shopping alcoholic, but a smart consumer in this digital world.

When I started the whole thing, I was kind of escaping. But I turned it all around, and now when I go back home I am very satisfied with my surroundings. The things that used to annoy me are just fine as they are. I don’t need to change anyone else, but to be myself. This is what I call automatic changing, which is an enlightened path to the unknown. There really lives a buddha in all of us, or at least that is what I believe in. But on the other side of the coin, we need material things in life. No one can travel the globe with their bare feed, one needs shoes. And a great place to buy them, is AliExpress because you go direct to the source of manufacture. There is no need for the middle man.

Once again there is a tremendous correlation with traveling, how going to the unknown is a direct experience. That’s why I have learned to love the AliExpress shopping experience. The Chinese way of course!

On vacation,
Ellie Reade

Keeping Contact During Travel

Osallistu Kilpailuun: Voita Sauna!

My dad always keeps calling me and says that, let’s hear more from you. I have to say that I do agree. But even if I am on vacation, it is often rather difficult for me to be in contact. While in some ways I understand myself, in some ways I don’t. I know a lot of people who are really active in sending postcards, and contacting their friends and family during vacation. For me, when I am on vacation and that’s most of the time.. I hardly have the time or inspiration to do any of those things. Instead, I like to go and visit all those friends, moving around and meeting people face to face.

I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter how long I havent’ seen a friend for me it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it does cause conflict with some mates who don’t understand that. But those people I am just not really compatible with. I mean people who become strangers after a period of time without contact. For me, when I meet an old buddy after a long silence.. it makes no difference. I simply continue from where we left off and for me, that is true friendship!

The reason why I started writing about this, is that it’s been a long time since I connected with anyone. One reason that I started my blog was to let friends know where I am going on vacation. But seems that this doesn’t help always either because you actually need to write the blog. Finland was a huge experience for me and lots of great, new things happened to me. In fact, it was rather strange at times because Finland is definitely not the kind of country that I would normally go to and for that my life changed for ever. Of course a lot of it is thanks to all the wonderful people I met in Helsinki, as well as other parts of the country. And for example, the time I participated at an online competition in Finland through the Osallistu Kilpailuun website that gives even foreigners like me huge opportunities to win big prices!

The name means “Osallistu” meaning participate, and “kilpailu”, meaning competition. And what I won was a Finnish Sauna. I was entered the competition for fun, and they replied back to say that “Olet voittanut Saunan, onneksi olkoon!”. Which means that you have won a Sauna, congratulations.

I couldn’t believe it. And soon enough I was at my friends house in the countriside, putting up the thing. After that we had a week long Sauna-session, which was just too much fun to believe. Obviously I have also created a taste for Finnish beer at the same time. Sausages are still not really my thing.

Now having left the country, I am again haunted by the idea if I should contact my friends again or not. I know I will visit them later, and I guess I have to trust them to understand my way of traveling. I loved it in Finland, and if you want to come and see me just contact me. Just don’t expect me to be a very active participant in that front. You get my point =)

Osallistu kilpailuun, you never know when you might win in life. And that for me is all about vacation and traveling. Good luck to my dear blog readers and hope to be in contact again soon.

Thank you!

Ellie Reade

Finland Is The Place To Be!

Finland, Finland, Finland!

Did I surprise you there? I think I did. Because after my extensive, fun and loving travels in China, I have decided to travel to Finland. Which was totally not on my list of places to be in, especially because it is cold. But wrong! It is all thanks to my new and dear Finnish friend that I met in Beijing. We had loads of fun together, then we started to talk about Finland and he told me that the Summer is very warm there, but not too warm. So I though why not, and booked tickets! We are going to meet with my friend “Timo”, in the capital city, known as Helsinki.

Simply put, I couldn’t be more exited. The winter looks very beautiful there, but I bet it’s too cold for me. I love the warm, but sometimes a little less warm is OK too. And Finland has very clean, fresh air which is extremely refreshing after the Beijing fog. I’m looking forward to observing the Finnish winter through pictures, and enjoying the full blast summer. My friend has a summer cottage, and we will go there spend a relaxing time. Supposedly every Finn goes to the countryside for a few weeks to relax during their Summer holidays. Also the Finns shared a quality that’s similar to mine, I like to drink and have a Sauna.

Now as I think of it, it’s very exiting to visit the birthplace of Sauna. I have been a fan for many years, and used it as a tool to escape the Winter. Now, I can combine it all! Beautiful nature, swimming at a lake, warm and sauna. Sounds perfect to me.

Hear I come Finland!

Kind regards,
Ellie Reade

And Cheers to my new friend, Timo.

Beijing Part II, A Tale of Kung Fu in China

Beijing Story Part II

Before I reveal my next travel destination, I wanted to talk a bit more about my amazing experiences in Beijing. Especially those of the Kung Fu show! While acrobatics was great, Chinese martial arts were definitely second on my list of things I have to do in China. I had hear many great things about the Red Theatre Beijing venue, and just had to see it with my own eyes. In fact, you can watch parts of the show online, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, go and see it live because simply there is no substitute. It’s the way to dwell into the Chinese traditions that surprisingly few really know about.

Beijing Kung Fu Restaurant

Basically, China is a Kung Fu crazy country. As you can see from the picture above, there is even a restaurant chain that you can find in most parts of the city which is dedicated to Kung Fu. I never actually visited the restaurant, because the menu is only in Chinese. But it looked very funny and I thought to my self, do people eat here because they like martial arts. I don’t actually know how many people eat there all the time, but I do know that most Chinese people have seen the famous show at the Red Theatre.

Beijing Red Theatre

This is the Red Theatre itself. A beautiful, majestic, extremely RED building that glows in the dark. If you were ever to walk past such a building, it is nearly impossible to walk past without going to see what is happening. In fact, I’ve never seen such a cool theatre building in my life! It was simply impressive.

Beijing Kung Fu Master

The show itself, is just the most skilful Kung Fu performance there is in the world. What really amazed me, was the young actors who were already at the level of a pro. In the waiting room, there was a small child meditating and watching over the atmosphere. It was just like being in some kind of Chinese martial arts movie! :)

Much regards, Ellie Reade.

How I Found Myself From Beijing

Great Wall Beijing

I am known for loving beaches, the heat and the tropics like a lizard. Never getting enough sun rays and always complaining about the cold! But I am starting to change that.. and going to little less warm places, like Beijing! While my usual destination would be Hong Kong or some other lizard place… this time I went a little bit more North.. actually quite a lot. The distances in China are huge!

And headed on to see the Great Wall of China in Beijing. Yes, it was foggy. Yes, it was expected. And yes, the great wall is absolutely wonderful.. definitely goes to the list of some of the most amazing places I have ever been to. Every single rock on this huge border has been fought for. It really smells of history.. and a very very long one indeed. Highly recommended by me!

Acrobatic Show Beijing

Another great highlight of my short by sweet visit. Was an acrobatic show which was simply, terrific! I haven’t had so much fun in ages.. well I’ve had fun but the kind of “show fun”, where you get to see awesome stunts. Makes you breathless really. And makes you think of all the wonderful experiences you can have abroad, that you can’t have back at home. The reasons why I am on holiday.

Chinese have really perfected acrobatics, without a doubt. And to such an extreme, that I am not sure if I am able to believe if the stunts are real or not. Back home when I was a kid, acrobatics was more like circus. But in China.. especially here in the acrobatic capital of the world Beijing, the performance is more of a spectacle. With simply incredible feats, as you can see from the picture above. And the crowd goes wild!!

All in all, I met some of the most friendliest people in Beijing. I took quite a lot of photos, so hopefully one day I will get back to it and tell you all about it. But now I must continue my travels.. I haven’t yet decided on my next destination, but writing this in a Hotel room in Beijing.. the next destination is unknown. Let’s see where I end up next! It might or might not be somewhere warm.

With love, Ellie Reade.

Sorry, I’m On Vacation…

On Vacation

Sorry, you won’t find me from the office today. Actually I haven’t been there for almost a year now since I’ve been busy traveling around the world..

The view you see above is familiar to all of us, from magazines, from trips for dreams.. from reality. However what it is, is different to everyone. Simply by throwing away your past and heading to the blue sea won’t fix your problems. That’s what I learned, and much more. I thought it’s time to share. Plant seeds and hope that more people realise that the paradise is wherever you go.

But saying that, I do prefer to explore new places.. and go to amazing beaches or fascinating historical cities. It’s just the thing I like. Maybe someone else hates beaches.. actually I’m quite convinced that quite some people do hate them. I also have times when I have the heat.

Welcome to my beach :)