Finland Is The Place To Be!

Finland, Finland, Finland!

Did I surprise you there? I think I did. Because after my extensive, fun and loving travels in China, I have decided to travel to Finland. Which was totally not on my list of places to be in, especially because it is cold. But wrong! It is all thanks to my new and dear Finnish friend that I met in Beijing. We had loads of fun together, then we started to talk about Finland and he told me that the Summer is very warm there, but not too warm. So I though why not, and booked tickets! We are going to meet with my friend “Timo”, in the capital city, known as Helsinki.

Simply put, I couldn’t be more exited. The winter looks very beautiful there, but I bet it’s too cold for me. I love the warm, but sometimes a little less warm is OK too. And Finland has very clean, fresh air which is extremely refreshing after the Beijing fog. I’m looking forward to observing the Finnish winter through pictures, and enjoying the full blast summer. My friend has a summer cottage, and we will go there spend a relaxing time. Supposedly every Finn goes to the countryside for a few weeks to relax during their Summer holidays. Also the Finns shared a quality that’s similar to mine, I like to drink and have a Sauna.

Now as I think of it, it’s very exiting to visit the birthplace of Sauna. I have been a fan for many years, and used it as a tool to escape the Winter. Now, I can combine it all! Beautiful nature, swimming at a lake, warm and sauna. Sounds perfect to me.

Hear I come Finland!

Kind regards,
Ellie Reade

And Cheers to my new friend, Timo.


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