How I Found Myself From Beijing

Great Wall Beijing

I am known for loving beaches, the heat and the tropics like a lizard. Never getting enough sun rays and always complaining about the cold! But I am starting to change that.. and going to little less warm places, like Beijing! While my usual destination would be Hong Kong or some other lizard place… this time I went a little bit more North.. actually quite a lot. The distances in China are huge!

And headed on to see the Great Wall of China in Beijing. Yes, it was foggy. Yes, it was expected. And yes, the great wall is absolutely wonderful.. definitely goes to the list of some of the most amazing places I have ever been to. Every single rock on this huge border has been fought for. It really smells of history.. and a very very long one indeed. Highly recommended by me!

Acrobatic Show Beijing

Another great highlight of my short by sweet visit. Was an acrobatic show which was simply, terrific! I haven’t had so much fun in ages.. well I’ve had fun but the kind of “show fun”, where you get to see awesome stunts. Makes you breathless really. And makes you think of all the wonderful experiences you can have abroad, that you can’t have back at home. The reasons why I am on holiday.

Chinese have really perfected acrobatics, without a doubt. And to such an extreme, that I am not sure if I am able to believe if the stunts are real or not. Back home when I was a kid, acrobatics was more like circus. But in China.. especially here in the acrobatic capital of the world Beijing, the performance is more of a spectacle. With simply incredible feats, as you can see from the picture above. And the crowd goes wild!!

All in all, I met some of the most friendliest people in Beijing. I took quite a lot of photos, so hopefully one day I will get back to it and tell you all about it. But now I must continue my travels.. I haven’t yet decided on my next destination, but writing this in a Hotel room in Beijing.. the next destination is unknown. Let’s see where I end up next! It might or might not be somewhere warm.

With love, Ellie Reade.

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