Keeping Contact During Travel

Osallistu Kilpailuun: Voita Sauna!

My dad always keeps calling me and says that, let’s hear more from you. I have to say that I do agree. But even if I am on vacation, it is often rather difficult for me to be in contact. While in some ways I understand myself, in some ways I don’t. I know a lot of people who are really active in sending postcards, and contacting their friends and family during vacation. For me, when I am on vacation and that’s most of the time.. I hardly have the time or inspiration to do any of those things. Instead, I like to go and visit all those friends, moving around and meeting people face to face.

I guess what I am trying to say is that no matter how long I havent’ seen a friend for me it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it does cause conflict with some mates who don’t understand that. But those people I am just not really compatible with. I mean people who become strangers after a period of time without contact. For me, when I meet an old buddy after a long silence.. it makes no difference. I simply continue from where we left off and for me, that is true friendship!

The reason why I started writing about this, is that it’s been a long time since I connected with anyone. One reason that I started my blog was to let friends know where I am going on vacation. But seems that this doesn’t help always either because you actually need to write the blog. Finland was a huge experience for me and lots of great, new things happened to me. In fact, it was rather strange at times because Finland is definitely not the kind of country that I would normally go to and for that my life changed for ever. Of course a lot of it is thanks to all the wonderful people I met in Helsinki, as well as other parts of the country. And for example, the time I participated at an online competition in Finland through the Osallistu Kilpailuun website that gives even foreigners like me huge opportunities to win big prices!

The name means “Osallistu” meaning participate, and “kilpailu”, meaning competition. And what I won was a Finnish Sauna. I was entered the competition for fun, and they replied back to say that “Olet voittanut Saunan, onneksi olkoon!”. Which means that you have won a Sauna, congratulations.

I couldn’t believe it. And soon enough I was at my friends house in the countriside, putting up the thing. After that we had a week long Sauna-session, which was just too much fun to believe. Obviously I have also created a taste for Finnish beer at the same time. Sausages are still not really my thing.

Now having left the country, I am again haunted by the idea if I should contact my friends again or not. I know I will visit them later, and I guess I have to trust them to understand my way of traveling. I loved it in Finland, and if you want to come and see me just contact me. Just don’t expect me to be a very active participant in that front. You get my point =)

Osallistu kilpailuun, you never know when you might win in life. And that for me is all about vacation and traveling. Good luck to my dear blog readers and hope to be in contact again soon.

Thank you!

Ellie Reade


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