Sorry, I’m On Vacation…

On Vacation

Sorry, you won’t find me from the office today. Actually I haven’t been there for almost a year now since I’ve been busy traveling around the world..

The view you see above is familiar to all of us, from magazines, from trips for dreams.. from reality. However what it is, is different to everyone. Simply by throwing away your past and heading to the blue sea won’t fix your problems. That’s what I learned, and much more. I thought it’s time to share. Plant seeds and hope that more people realise that the paradise is wherever you go.

But saying that, I do prefer to explore new places.. and go to amazing beaches or fascinating historical cities. It’s just the thing I like. Maybe someone else hates beaches.. actually I’m quite convinced that quite some people do hate them. I also have times when I have the heat.

Welcome to my beach :)