Traveling to Unknown Experience with AliExpress

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What can I say, except that it’s been a while. I’ve been quite busy with the new Chinese e-commerce portal AliExpress. Which has become an extension of my travels, making me dive deep into the digital world for a while. That is in fact what being on vacation is all about, right?! To disappear into the unknown, learn something, transform and be a happier better person. As well as get some shopping done at the same time to get ready for the next big trip.

Well, to tell you the truth I have met many people on this path who probably don’t think in this way. Instead they prefer to think negative and carry that even through their whole vacations. That’s crazy isn’t it but there is a reason for it. Especially with couples, I can actually understand them. They are trying to solve some problems and simply escaping their home country or ‘problems’ isn’t going to mean that they will go away. In fact, for some people they come back even stronger than ever.. just begging for attention and to be resolved. Fighting in the end, resolves nothing.. one must stop escaping and start facing the world. With their sincere intent, their real face and being. It’s sometimes the most tough thing in the world to realise but it’s worth it.

And I can say from experience, because for me travelling hasn’t been just walking under a shower of red roses. It has had a lot of bumps and a lot of learning. All which made me what I am today. Which is not a shopping alcoholic, but a smart consumer in this digital world.

When I started the whole thing, I was kind of escaping. But I turned it all around, and now when I go back home I am very satisfied with my surroundings. The things that used to annoy me are just fine as they are. I don’t need to change anyone else, but to be myself. This is what I call automatic changing, which is an enlightened path to the unknown. There really lives a buddha in all of us, or at least that is what I believe in. But on the other side of the coin, we need material things in life. No one can travel the globe with their bare feed, one needs shoes. And a great place to buy them, is AliExpress because you go direct to the source of manufacture. There is no need for the middle man.

Once again there is a tremendous correlation with traveling, how going to the unknown is a direct experience. That’s why I have learned to love the AliExpress shopping experience. The Chinese way of course!

On vacation,
Ellie Reade

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